Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the answers to our most common questions

Why do I need to create an Account?

We ask you to create an account upon order to keep your information secure. Our unique and proprietary systems lock and encrypts every single piece of the information you provide so that only you can view your information. When it comes to your kid's information, security is a top priority.

I ordered several letters but one has not arrived. What can I do?

First verify that you requested that the letters all be mailed on the same date. Be sure to check your receipt. The date you provided is the mail out date, the date we place it in the mail. It will arrive several days later, depending on the state it is being delivered to. Also, please understand that while we can place all your letters in the mail on the same day you requested, the US Post Office controls the actual delivery. It does happen that sometimes letters can be delivered a day or two apart. If more than two days have passed, please contact us via the Contact Us  form so we can get a replacement sent out right away.

Is your ordering system secure?

Very much so! Our system uses 256 bit SSL encrpytion to completely secure your information. You can tell by the little padlock up in your browser window. Additionally, we do not store your credit card information on our system, ever! When you provide payment information on our site, it is immediately transmitted to our payment processor and then disposed of upon approval of the transaction.

What happened to the Self Print option?

Honestly there just wasn't enough interest by customers to warrant continuing to offer this service. To keep our costs low, we stopped offering this feature.

Can I send one letter to a group of children?

Unfortunately no, you cannot. All of our letters are written in single person vernacular. The object is to send a unique and personal message to each child. Trying to place more than one child's name in the letter will make it not read correctly. And also, the multiple names will not fit when printed on the certificate.

Can I order a letter over the phone?

Unfortunately you cannot. Our system uses a highly automated method to keep costs low. However, if you having trouble completing an order, please use the Contact Us form. One of our Customer Support personnel will be happy to assist you.

Have other questions?

 Please contact us via the Contact Us  form to ask them. We are more than happy to help!