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Choose from dozens of different backgrounds

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Porcelain Bunny
  Background ID: 3211

A bespectacled Easter Bunny
  Background ID: 3212

Flowered Cross
  Background ID: 3213

Pink Peeking Bunny
  Background ID: 3214

Song birds of Easter
  Background ID: 3215

Sunshine and Flowers
  Background ID: 3216

Magenta Cross and Lilies
  Background ID: 3217

Cartoon Bunny
  Background ID: 3218

Bunnies and Flowers
  Background ID: 3219

Bunny Couple
  Background ID: 3187

Driving Bunny
  Background ID: 3188

Cute Fuzzy Bunny
  Background ID: 3191

Happy Easter Egg
  Background ID: 3193

Jogging Easter Bunny
  Background ID: 3194

Bunny Hugging Eggs
  Background ID: 3130

Hatching Chick
  Background ID: 3133

Hatching Bunnies
  Background ID: 3117

Faded cross and Pink Easter Egg
  Background ID: 3092

Choose from dozens of different Stories

The Easter Basket
Letter ID: 2080
The Easter Bunny talks about preparing your child’s basket.
Age Group: Kids

A child's pet and the Easter Bunny
Letter ID: 2081
The Easter Bunny remembers a child's pet by name.
Age Group: Kids

The Easter Bunny talks about Jesus
Letter ID: 2082
The Easter Bunny talks about the real meaning of Easter.
Age Group: Kids

The Easter Bunny loses his tail.
Letter ID: 2093
An interactive letter from the Easter Bunny asking for help to replace his missing cotton ball tail.
Age Group: Kids

Easter Bunny has a run in with Hare Dye
Letter ID: 2077
The Easter Bunny tells the story of a mishap he had while coloring Easter eggs.
Age Group: Kids

Easter Bunny school is tough work
Letter ID: 2078
The Easter Bunny talks about the importance of working hard in school.
Age Group: Kids

The Easter Bunny & Santa Claus are Pals
Letter ID: 2006
The Easter Bunny talks about his friendship with Santa Claus and how they are best friends. He promises to put some extra goodies in their Easter basket.
Age Group: Kids

Easter Bunny prepares baskets for Easter
Letter ID: 2008
Preparing baskets is what the Easter Bunny does for weeks before Easter Sunday. In this letter he asks if they're ready for the big Easter Egg hunt.
Age Group: Kids

ADULT - Easter Bunny is a Nigerian Scammer
Letter ID: 2010
An absolutely hilarious letter for anyone whose ever gotten one of those Nigerian scam emails promising millions of dollars. A great letter to share a little Easter fun with any adult or teen.
Age Group: Adults, Teens

Baby's first Easter Bunny letter
Letter ID: 2013
Every first holiday is special for an infant and their parents. In this letter, the Easter Bunny welcomes an infant to his or her first Easter. A perfect keepsake for any new parents.
Age Group: Infants

The great Easter Egg shortage
Letter ID: 2094
The Easter Bunny talks about how the chickens are all tuckered out from laying eggs.
Age Group: Kids

The real reason for Easter from the Easter Bunny
Letter ID: 2079
The Easter Bunny explains the Christian reason we celebrate Easter.
Age Group: Kids

The Easter Bunny sends birthday greetings.
Letter ID: 2076
The Easter Bunny talks about how special it is to have a birthday during the Easter season.
Age Group: Kids

ADULT - an Easter Bunny Warning
Letter ID: 2012
Another one of our adult/teen letters to share some Easter fun. In this funny letter, the Easter Bunny gives fair warning to all those non-believers.
Age Group: Teens, Adults

Easter Bunny goes to the Haredresser
Letter ID: 2009
The Easter Bunny talks about his accident with a lazy squirrel and ends up having to go the "Hare Dresser" to get ready for Easter.
Age Group: Kids, Teens

The Easter Bunny talks about Jesus' resurrection
Letter ID: 2007
The Easter Bunny talks about the importance of Easter and how we spend the holiday remembering the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Age Group: Kids, Teens

Surprises and egg hunts
Letter ID: 2005
In this letter, the Easter Bunny talks about the delivering Easter baskets and how he is looking for new places to hide eggs for the Easter egg hunts.
Age Group: Kids

Every letter includes your choice of certificate:

Egg Decorator Award

Reward the young artist in your child with our Egg Decorator award.

Certificate ID: 1009

Golden Egg Award

Our Golden Egg award is perfect to let your child know they are valuable.

Certificate ID: 1010

Spring Ambassador

The Easter Bunny declares your child as an honorary Spring Ambassador.

Certificate ID: 1013

Bunny Buddy Certificate

Being friends with the Easter Bunny has its priviledges

Certificate ID: 1003

Egg Hunter Award

A special certificate for the champion Easter Egg Hunter in your child.

Certificate ID: 1004

Eggscellent Behavior Award

A certificate that recognizes your child's "Eggs"cellent behavior.

Certificate ID: 1005

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Make their letter even more special with these add on gifts.

ID # Additional Addon Gifts
Easter Puzzles - $1.50

New for this year - our delightful 20 piece Easter Bunny Puzzle. You child will receive one of four different designs.
Not for infants or toddlers - choking hazard

Cross Bookmak - $2.00

Our delightful crocheted cross bookmark is sure to be a hit. A wonderful gift to save their place in their Bible or any book.

Easter Stickers - $1.00

The kids just go nuts over stickers. This pack includes 15 1.5 inch stickers, including 5 Easter photo stickers.

Easter Bunny Doorhanger - $1.00

Perfect for hanging on your child's bedroom door knob. One side invites people in, the other side says the child wants a little time away.

Easter Bunny Coloring Book - $2.00

See the creative side in your child as they color their way to making masterpieces.
Selecting this item requires extra postage to send the letter unfolded.

Magic Flowers - $1.00

Let your child see the wonder of Spring with the Easter Bunny's Magic Flower packet

I Believe Bookmark - $0.50

Encourage your child to pick up a book and read with this bookmark. The bookmark says "I Believe in You" on one side and on the other they can write their name.

Summer Fun Greeting Card - $3.00

Have the Easter Bunny send a second encouraging message to your child as the Summer begins.
Greeting cards are mail spearately on May 1, 2021

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* Not available for Jumbo Letters or Letters with Coloring Book added.
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Perfect for framing or scrapbooking, this large envelope is mailed with the letter and certificate unfolded.

* This envelope requires extra postage of $ 1.95
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For fastest delivery, we can send their letter and certificate unfolded in a USPS Priority Mail envelope.

* This envelope requires extra postage of $ 7.75

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