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Do you remember the magic of the Easter Bunny? It is the crisp time of year when everyone just shares in the joy of the season and the coming of Spring. There is power in a real honest to goodness letter from the Easter Bunny. The kids will be truly amazed that Peter Cottontail himself took the time to write them.

You can make Easter extra special for your child with a personlized letter and certificate directly from the Easter Bunny himself! Watch your child's Easter come alive with the awe and wonder of Spring.

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The ONLY Easter postmark recognized by USPS!

Every mailed letter has our offical Easter Bunny postmark. We are the only service authorized by the US Post Office to use this special postmark.

Easter Bunny Postmark Your child will know that their letter is real because it has this genuine USPS postmark with a real postage stamp from the Easter Bunny himself. Trust us, they will definitely check to make sure they have the genuine article.

More Stories

With dozens of backgrounds and texts to choose from for your child's Easter letter, you are certain to find that perfect message from Peter Cottontail to your child. With so many combinations of stories and backgrounds, no child will get the same letter.

More Options & Addon Gifts

You can easily find a package that offers the right mix of features and price for your child. We offer a variety of different add on gifts you can include with your child's letter. These add on gifts make their letter extra special. You can mix and match these addon gifts for each letter, so each child's letter and gifts are unique to them.

Both letter and certificate for only $ 8.00!