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How KidsBelieveLetters.com came to be...

What can we say about us? It all started a few years ago when we were Christmas shopping. We were trying to figure out what, if anything, we could get for our 48 nieces and nephews without breaking the bank. Yes, we have a VERY large extended family! Since most of them live out of state, we had to factor in shipping costs as well as the cost of the gift. Needless to say, we returned home empty handed. On the trip home, we were discussing how most of our nieces and nephews still believed in Santa Claus. We realized the best gift we could give them and their parents was a letter from Santa. Problem solved!

We created our letters, customized each one and sent them off. We were blown away from the responses from both the kids and the parents. Our special Nice List certificates were certainly a hit. The kids just couldn't stop talking about their Santa Letter. The parents were blessed with watching the thrill of the kids open and read their letters. Not to mention how well behaved the kids were since they knew Santa was watching. We knew at that moment, we had created something wonderous.

So from those simple beginnings, KidsBelieveLetters was born. Since then, we have been sending smiles all across the country. We've added Easter Bunny letters to our list of products too. Reasonably, affordably and the with as much joy as we can stuff in an envelope. To this day, we remain a family owned and operated business, but we have had to get some "Santa Helpers and Easter Bunny Assistants" and a several pieces of commercial equipment to handle the letter load. 

Why We Do This?

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A fair question... You know that feeling you get when you wish someone a "Merry Christmas" and you see them smile? Or perhaps, you watched in glowing satisfaction as your child or grandchild tore into their gifts from Santa on Christmas morning. That feeling, that joy, knowing that Christmas was magical for just a little longer for some child, somewhere, that is what we try to accomplish. Just imagine if you could say "Merry Christmas" and produce thousands of smiles and glowing hearts. Would you do it? Of course you would! Even through the paper cuts and paper jams. The hurried trips to go get more ink for the printers.  Making that one child smile, just one more letter. You would do it again and again.  And that my friend, is why we do this. To say "Merry Christmas" in a letter every chance we get.

Today, we handle each and every letter just as if it were going to one of our own friends or children. While we have grown considerably, it's still a personal thing for us. We can't even begin to describe the immense feeling of joy we get from doing this for kids. It's never been about the money, at just a few dollars a letter, we really don't have a lot of profit in there. But the satisfication of knowing we're making people smile, that's priceless!

So join us - let us make this a memorable Holiday for your special someone!

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